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Mission Statement

Corporate Philosophy and Vision

Kyowa Pharmaceutical, as a member of the global pharmaceutical major Lupin Group, clarifies herein its own "Mission", "Values" and "Vision" as the core foundation on which it conducts its business operations, with a view to becoming a prominent leading company in the Japanese generic pharmaceutical industry which can maximize its contribution to society for the benefit of the medical community and human health in Japan.


As a member of the global pharmaceutical major Lupin Group, Kyowa Pharmaceutical aims to conduct, under a firm sense of mission and pride and based on innovative business practices, research and development, manufacture and sales and marketing activities for value-added pharmaceuticals for the benefit of the medical community and human health in Japan.


Kyowa Pharmaceutical's values are supported by the following tenets.

1. Lupin's Values

Kyowa Pharmaceutical shares the values of the Lupin Group which consist of core values such as'Integrity', 'Passion for Excellence', 'Teamwork', 'Entrepreneurial Spirit', 'Respect and Care', and 'Customer Focus'.

2. Kyowa's Business Conduct Guidelines

Kyowa Pharmaceutical, in working towards creating a society in which, regardless of nation, human rights, laws, standards of conduct and international rules and the spirit thereof are continually adhered to, upholds business conduct guidelines based on high ethical standards, placing utmost importance on compliance as one of the core management principles of the company.

3. Kyowa's Quality Policy

Kyowa Pharmaceutical upholds and places utmost importance to "Provision of medication which are trusted by the medical professionals and comfortably prescribed to the patients (Quality Policy)" as one of the core management principles of the company.


At Kyowa Pharmaceutical, we believe there is nothing more important than the ability for all of our employees to share a strong sense of ambition, ethics and motivation, and for everyone to come together to work as one team. Under the "ONE TEAM" spirit, Kyowa shall focus its efforts on further improvement and fulfillment in our working environment which can enable our employees to develop such teamwork in a positive mindset and effectively make their individual contributions to the team.


Kyowa Pharmaceutical extends its "ONE TEAM" spirit beyond Kyowa to other healthcare companies and medical professionals and seeks to strive to jointly achieve common goals as members of the "ONE TEAM" aiming to make contributions to the society through promotion of "generic pharmaceuticals" in Japan.


GOAL 500 - Aiming to Become a Prominent Leading Company in the Industry

1. Kyowa Pharmaceutical aims to leverage on its unique corporate culture through effectively utilizing the global expertise held within the Lupin Group while respecting the specific characteristics of the Japanese market environment.2. Kyowa Pharmaceutical aims to reinforce its management organization to ensure stable procurement of high quality, affordable generic pharmaceutical products in larger capacity.3. Kyowa Pharmaceutical aims to become a prominent and trusted leading company in the industry and make significant contributions to the society through effective utilization of its unique strengths.

As specific measures, we pledge to proactively and continually promote investment in our infrastructure under the following objectives:

  • Thorough reinforcement of our quality control system which can answer to the trust of the people of Japan
  • Reinforcement of our research and development infrastructure which can promptly deliver larger number of new generic pharmaceutical products to the market
  • Reinforcement of our manufacturing infrastructure with the scale and capacity to respond to increase in public demand
  • Reinforcement of information provision infrastructure to support the medical community with speed and precision

In order to effectively carry out the above, we believe it is critical to continue with our efforts to further improve our profitability and increase our overall strength as a company. We have thus set a clear performance goal of 50 billion yen in annual sales, which we shall aim to achieve by fiscal year 2015.