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Product Overview

Product Overview

List of products (as of Mar 2012)

Our core specialty is psychiatric and neurological pharmaceutical products

Kyowa Pharmaceutical's product portfolio mainly consists of a wide range of psychiatric and neurological products well known under the AMEL brand. Our core specialty is in the field of psychiatric and neurological treatment, whereby the number of psychiatric and neurological products account for about 50% of all Kyowa Pharmaceutical's products.
With the addition of other products such as hyperlipidemia agents, pepticulcer agents and allergic agents, we offer a total of 380 items (As of Jun 2017).

Psychotropics (120)
Hypnotics and sedative, anxiolytics (29)
Antihypertensives and Vasodilators (38)
Hyperlipidemia agents (14)
Peptic ulcer agents (16)
Antiallergic agents (17)
Antidiabetic agents (9)

As of Jun 2017