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Message from our President

President's Message

From Generic to Specialist Pharma Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. is planning a “transformation” to a new business model.

Since our founding in Osaka in 1954 to our 2007 entry into the globally active Lupin Group, all of us at Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. work and have consistently worked to advance the company’s growth through the sale of prescription drugs. For this reason, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for the day-to-day support on which we depend.

Propelled by a tailwind of government policy for their promotion, generic pharmaceuticals are making great leaps in patient recognition, and the market has grown accordingly. At Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., we have made proactive investments in production facilities, quality assurance systems, and information provision systems as well as reinforcing investment in pharmaceutical and raw material development. All of these measures are intended to address market needs for stable supplies, reliable quality, and thorough provision of information. Meanwhile, our business environment is undergoing drastic changes by the day, with revisions to the Japanese pharmaceutical pricing system, price cuts to medicines from increasingly-severe price competition, and a downward trend in total pharmaceutical usage levels due to efforts to reduce polypharmacy. These challenges demand constant revisions to our business strategy.

Now, let me introduce two key issues we currently face in these circumstances. The first is “transformation.” While we have focused continually on the neuropsychiatric sector for more than 20 years at this time, we are now undergoing a “transformation” from a generic pharmaceutical specialist company to a new, specialist pharmaceutical business model. This transformation will be achieved through continuations of previously-launched drugs and the acquisition of marketing rights for new drugs.

Furthermore, we are using our status as a member of the Lupin Group to move forward with the construction of a sustainable, low-cost supply chain that meets Japanese quality standards and supply stability needs. In addition to using Lupin’s low-cost bulk pharmaceuticals to the fullest alongside dedicated Japanese production systems and a global research and development system of over 1,000 individuals, we will further reinforce our Japanese worker remote stationing system and strengthen Japan-India partnerships through increased production and packaging capacity in Japan.

Through the items above and similar efforts, we will redouble our ongoing efforts to be of service to society as a company trusted by patients, healthcare providers, and suppliers.

Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd President and Representative Director