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Introducing AMEL

Introducing AMEL


Kyowa's Message behind the AMEL brand

Kyowa Pharmaceutical promotes its products under the "AMEL is Generic" catch phrase.
There may be some who are more familiar with our product brand "AMEL" than our corporate name. Our basic policy is have our AMEL brand come after the generic names for our generic pharmaceutical products, seeking to contribute to promoting general awareness towards the respective generic names, preventing medical malpractices through selection errors of products with similar names and preventing confusion upon switching to other generic pharmaceutical products of the same generic name.
The primary meaning of AMEL derives from 'Amelioration', which means one that brings forth improvement in one's illness.
Combined with the meanings of pure strength ('Amelia') and comfort ('Amenity'), we humbly present to you our message behind our AMEL brand.

1. Amelioration 2. Amelia 3. Amenity

  • 1. Amelioration

    '"Bringing forth improvement in one's illness."
    This indeed is where the true value of affordable and high-quality generic pharmaceutical products lie, and what signifies our commitment to product development.
  • 2. Amelia

    Unwavering ambition, pure will and strength of character.
    In the early 20th century, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to successfully fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. The strength of her will to achieve her goal serves as a model for Kyowa Pharmaceutical as it looks to the future.
  • 3. Amenity

    The role and mission of pharmaceutical products is to deliver comfort and relief to the patients. The word "Amenity" most precisely represents our company's aim to develop innovative products which are administered with greater patient comfort and convenience.