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President's Message

Lupin Group and Kyowa Pharmaceutical - Growth stemming from Trust and Empathy

On January 29th, 2014, Kyowa Pharmaceutical celebrated its 60th anniversary.
I really would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of the supports and patronages extended to us by our customers and business partners which have enabled us to come thus far, as well as tremendous efforts made by forerunners who led built and led this company in the past.

We have faced and experienced a number of turning points in the history of Kyowa. Among them are acquisition of all of the generic drug products of Boehringer Mannheim in 1998 which enriched our psychiatric product line-up, entry to brand generic business through acquisition of manufacturing and marketing rights on Bayer’s Ospolot in 2001, and Kyowa being adopted by Lupin Group in 2007 through Lupin’s 100% acquisition of Kyowa’s shares. Especially, for the 7 years after the Lupin’s acquisition, Kyowa has tripled its consolidated revenue from JPY 7.4 billion to JPY 21 billion, and has increased the number of employee by 2.7 times from 243 to 665. For Kyowa, the partnership with Lupin has changed its destiny.

Lupin has also expanded its revenue by 10 times from JPY 18 billion to JPY 180 billion for the past 10 years. Its total market value also has grown by 35 times for the same period from JPY 20 billion to JPY 690 billion. Lupin, pursuing continuous business growth embracing creativity, energy and entrepreneurship, without settling for status quo, has definitely impacted Kyowa significantly. Partnership with Lupin has enabled Kyowa to accelerate upfront investment on its people, product development and manufacturing capacity.

Global Lupin is targeting USD 5 billion revenues in 2017, and is determined to continue to invest in Japan so that we will increase our presence in Japan market. In order to achieve the goal, obviously we need a strong, solid organization. It is my brief that a power of an organization is incubated by “Trust and Empathy”. It is consistent with Lupin’s value (Integrity, Passion for Excellence, Teamwork, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect and Care, Customer Focus). Employees embracing values will build a strong organization and drive continuous business growth. It is our commitment to work hard to make ourselves trusted and empathized by the local community and medical professionals.

Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd President and Representative Director